An Introduction

I’ve been a closet writer for some time.  Ever since the late 80’s with the purchase of my first journal.  Of course, then, my most pressing issues concerned birthday party invitees or which color neon socks to offensively pair with which color neon shorts.  Fast-forward nearly thirty years later and the subject matters have changed.  I still have a disconcerting sense of fashion but instead I’m forced to pay more mind to more pressing issues. Such as, why does that one patch of razor-neglected hair around my ankle  go unnoticed until I’m sitting with my feet up around a group of strangers?  Why do I look better in the mirror than in pictures?  Why don’t I look better in the mirror?

Unfortunately, I must also pay attention to strokes, aging, thyroid, weight management, stress, over-working and keeping the fleas off my dog.  I know I’m not the only one that worries, or laughs, or tries to laugh at what they worry about.  Maybe you do, too.  Life can be a challenge but it has a way of giving you just enough to get through the worst. It certainly can’t hurt to write about it. It’s all here.  Join me?


Published by

Emma Leigh

Born and raised in San Jose in 1980. Writer, traveler, home cook, and business owner.

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